12 Random Things About Me!


How are you doing?


First, I’d like to use this opportunity to appreciate you for the likes, comments, supports on the blog so far, thank you so much for riding with me through this journey!

Lydia’s Chronicle is exactly 6 months today, yay! Enough breast milk and time to start feeding it (my blog) real food, lol. You can as well check out my first post here

So today I’m putting up 12 random things about me, but before we head there, I recently put up a post on how to stay stylish on a very tight budget; you might find it very useful especially if you are interested updating or maintaining your wardrobe/fashion-style game “in this current economy”, check here.

Talking about the economy, (*sighs) I’m really hoping it’s all going to be fine soon.

Back to today’s post, here are the 10 random things about me;


–  1. I’m a student of Ekiti state university, and I figured out quite a large number of people do not know this.

–  2. I’m quiet but don’t take that for shyness or stupidity, I’d rather just not sweat the small stuff! (I can actually be a talkative; those who know me well will tell you. It all depends on what we talking about).



–  3. I’m a low-key foodie. I’m all in for fruits and healthy delicacies (the low key is gradually becoming ‘high’ key though,lol). . . I also love chocolates, ice cream, cookies, crackers……the list goes on.

–  4. I don’t like noise and drama. This one of the reasons I don’t go to parties, and when I do I don’t stay long. I also dislike baseless arguments, I would rather listen to intellectual debates.

–   5. I’m a very fast learner! Once I’m willing and determined, the rate at which I learn is quite fast. I also tend to learn from the smallest day-to-day activities and day-to-day conversations I have with people.



–  6. I embrace creativity and I’m very open to innovative ideas. I’m quite experimental and I like to try things out as long as it’s not permanent and doesn’t hurt, I’m good to go!

–  7. If you are going to offer me anything, not CATFISH please! I love food, and I like trying things out but I have this thing with catfish. I hate it!

–  8. I sew and I love doing it. Yeah! I learnt it before I started school.



–  9. I love promoting entrepreneurs, especially Nigerian brands. I believe this is my own little way of helping the economy (if you’d like to promote your brand or products, I’d be delighted to help, send me an email – ‘thelydia360@gmail.com’).

–  10. I’m the first born. One of the reasons I can’t just relent . My little sis is watching me, so I can’t settle for less. By the way, she recently volunteered to be my P.A (as per my blog and stuffs) and apprentice (as per tailoring/designing), I was surprised but somewhat happy!



–  11.  I’m an internet addict, adios to all the money spent data. Right now, I’m working on how to effectively manage my data and at the same time achieve all I want to (if you have any tips on this, I don’t mind please).

–  12.  I’m a natural hair enthusiast! But I as well regard those who are not.


What I Wore;

TOP – Thrifted

JEAN – Next


( This pair of sneakers is just too tight for me, I’ve barely worn them except for photo-shoots so I’m thinking of selling it for a giveaway price. I wear size 39, so it should comfortably fit a size 38. If you are interested just send me a message.)

If you noticed the hair is similar to that of my first post, that’s because I took these pictures same day.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post? Can you relate to any of these random things?
Don’t forget to let me know if we share anything in common, or if we tend to be different in certain things.

PS; Sorry about the confusing numbers, I’m trying to fix it.

PS; I lost my previous Facebook password, so I’m starting all over with my Facebook page, please go and hit the like buttons on ‘Lydia’s Chronicle’ . Also got active on twitter, let’s interact! (@lydiaschronicle, same as my Instagram).

With love, Lydia


OOTD ; The Vintage Chic


Hello ,
How has the half of the year been for you?
Great I hope.


So here is another outfit post for you.
Over here is a dress I’ve always had in my wardrobe but never wore. Why? Because it was retro,not in vogue.
Back then, I never had the confidence to wear what I wanted. Self confidence is the best outfit you can ever acquire trust me.
And that’s one of the best lessons blogging has taught me so far (alongside my hangout with Ijenna), been comfortable with who I am and with my personal style.
I can’t believe I was this close to either giving out or disposing this dress, well I’m glad I didn’t.


Not only do I love the florals of this dress but also the front slit. It gives this classy feel.



Paired with a nude pair of heels and a white purse, very few accessories did justice to this vintage dress.



What is your take on vintage? Would you rather rock Vintage or Vogue?
And do you think you you have the confidence to rock your personal style (what you want to rock, how you want to rock it, when you want to rock it) ?

Your thoughts are very important….

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Yours sincerely,

What I Wore ; Fringed Topping

How are you doing?
I hope your week as been as great so far.
Worry not, the weekend is close by.
So here is an outfit post,my first outfit post actually. These pictures were taken even before I started the blog officially, speaking of which, was a month old yesterday. Yay!



You might be wondering what brought the title fringed topping… Quite funny right?
I’m so loving fringes/tassels lately,which was what prompted me to get this top.
The top is quite simple yet it gives it this chic effect. So it’s the topping on the outfit, imagine a chocolate topping on a vanilla ice cream😂😂.
I paired it with a pre-owned jean and bag, then a thrifted pair of shoe.
Quite simple but chic!

Let's go farming....😂😂


Below, is a perfect-pose picture which was taken with a friend’s phone. The quality is does not justify it but I absolutely love the picture…😩 (to delete or nah).

Stepping into greatness like....💁


What I wore:
Fringe-sleeved top
Light blue skinny jean
Black heeled sandal
Red Bag
And a spray of confidence.

What is your thought the outfit? And oh do you think I should delete that picture?
Your comments would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by.

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