Review | Maysmoon Cream Hair

Did you know? 

Hair grows slightly faster in warm weather, because heat stimulates circulation and encourages hair growth. That is why it is advisable to massage your hair and steam to stimulate fast growth. 

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So everyone wants to wear good hair, but let’s be honest high quality hair is expensive. So, as girl on a budget I have taken it upon my self to search for good quality hair at a Budget-Friendly price.

This is my first hair review but there’s more to come, and I’ll be sharing with you the good and the bad, hair by hair.

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Let’s dive into the first hair weave…….

Maysmoon Cream 7-in-1 Hair

It comes in 6 loosely twisted bundles and a round closure , packed with a green carton inside a clear waterproof pack.

I installed the weave already before I decided to do a review but this is what the pack looks like.


It comes 3 different inches; 12, 14, 16 that is, 2 bundles for each of the inches, and it also claims to be 220grams. I came across two colors in the market; Color 1b and Ombre (two toned) in black and blonde, I went for the color 1b because it seemed more appealing to me and has a natural look.

Note: This hair doesn’t claim to be human hair (or at least its not written on the pack), I find this amusing because the texture is way better than some of these packed hair that claim to be 100% human hair. Although, my hairstylist claimed that it is human hair judging from the texture.

Honestly this brand stole my heart here, because they didn’t state that it was 100% human hair(even if it was), but they did claim that it was of good quality and long lasting.
I have a thing for brands who don’t claim what they are not just to make sales, so you know what you are actually getting into.

This product also claims to ‘Perform Superbly With Heat Styling Tools’, but I am yet to use any heat styling tool on it so I can’t really say much about that.

I did not take a picture of the hair before installing but here’s the remnant of what I used.


– It is very soft and barely tangles, this weave maintained its soft texture all through the while it was installed.

  • It is also light weighted as well.

  • Long lasting Curls; I carried it for almost 5 weeks and the curls were still popping

  • Budget-Friendly; I bought it for 6,000 naira from a vendor in the market after bargaining, although some other vendors were too adamant to selling for 6,500 or 7,000 naira.
    As if that’s not enough, out of curiosity I decided to checked the price online. And guess what? It was selling for 11,000 naira,  and I was like wow! That’s double the price.
    I still don’t understand why things are expensive online.

– It sheds, here’s the part I don’t like. Especially during the first installation and when you comb it out too often, it sheds.


And here’s the weave after I took it off…


I ONLY used three things to maintain this weave all through the period it was installed.
– My fingers; I mostly run my fingers through before combing out.
–  Weave water spray; to moisturize and keep curls in place.
– A big tooth comb; to comb out whenever necessary.


Quick Tip | Related & Totally Useful

Please don’t put shea butter (ori) in your weave, it is bad for your weaves but I will talk more about it later.


Will I buy again?

Most definitely! I have mental list of hair weaves and brands that I have tried and performed well, so the whenever I’m shopping for hair I’ll look out for products from those brands.
I think I just added this weave to that list, because I am pretty impressed with the performance.

If you have the money to splurge on a higher quality of hair, you should totally do so. However if you are on a budget like me, this weave is a good choice for you.

Over to you…..

I hope you found this post and review very useful to you, if you did please let me know.

Do leave me your honest feedbacks; tell me what you think about this post . And If you have used this particular product or something similar, do share your experiences with me.

With Love, Lydia


11 thoughts on “Review | Maysmoon Cream Hair

  1. You know you are definitely right about “hair grows slightly faster in warm weather because heat stimulates circulation and encourages hair growth”. I find that this point is not emphasised, I guess it’s because some people’s hair grow regardless of weather conditions. Unfortunately mine isn’t like that. I notice my hair grows faster and is more voluminous, healthy and a lot better to manage when I go on vacation in warmer climates. I guess my hair loves the heat and humidity.

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