3 Practical Steps To Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself

No, I am not here to tell you about new year resolutions or goals, although I believe in it. I just want to share with you 3 practical steps that have helped me become a better version of myself, within the last one to two months.

Just before you start reading, note this;
You should always try to be a better version of yourself, and not try to be copy-version or better version of another person, doing that would just frustrate your efforts.

3 Practical Steps To Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself


1(a) Learn To Listen, Listen To Learn.

A lot of times we hear people talk but barely listen to them, or we listen to reply but not to understand.
For instance, sometimes I get very defensive when criticized about something, especially when I’m working hard towards that thing.
But recently, I have taken my time to listen to feedbacks and constructive criticisms and work on them and I have experienced some positive change doing that.
As much as you shouldn’t allow negative energy into your life, you also shouldn’t disregard the feedbacks and constructive criticisms you get from people. You should learn to listen more to people, especially those who support you and are genuinely interested in your growth. Also listen to those who are experienced in that particular field and actually know what they are talking about.


(b) I Follow This Circle;
Listen – Understand – Learn – Apply

Listening is not enough, you need to actually understand what they are saying, derive some lessons from it and apply those lessons in real life by taking actions.
And this brings us to number two.

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2. Take On Little Acts Of Courage

I copped this from ‘Talent Is Never Enough’ by John C. Maxwell, a book I am currently reading. You’d be amazed at so many little things you can’t do simply because you are shy, scared or have no  will-power to do so, and this is where courage comes in.

In our journey through life, there will come times when our courage will be tested and according to John C. Maxwell in this book;
There are others and I wish I could talk more on this but that will be a talk for later.

What I learnt from this book and real life lessons is that, it is your courage alongside others is what will take you far in life.

In an attempt to put my courage to action, I decided to take on some little acts of courage.
What I did was to put down a list of things I’d love to do but don’t do because I’m too shy or something, then pick one of them each week and work upon it (so don’t be too surprised if you see me doing things I don’t do before).
Starting from very little things, I’d advise you do the same.These acts could be as simple as introducing yourself and your brand to a random person, dancing in public, starting up conversations, forgiving or lending a helping hand someone, standing up for something even if it means you’d be alone, let your feelings show etc. Just anything that are too shy or scared or lack motivation to do, but would love to do.
When you are able to conquer these little things, only then will you be able to conquer bigger things. Plus, you’ll feel really good within yourself.


3. Upgrade Your Key Skills

Not only is upgrading your key skills one of the 10 Simple Steps To Becoming More Productive but also one of the things you must do to become a better version of yourself.
I have talked a little about this, you might want to read to understand better.

Once you’ve identified the key skills you need to reach where you want to be or to meet up with the standards you have set for yourself then you need to work on improving those skills, and keep upgrading them until you achieve mastery.
I have not at all reach mastery in any of the key skills I need, but constantly I take steps and time to upgrade them.

How do you upgrade these skills?

  • There are trainings or workshops going on every now and then, take advantage of them especially the free and budget-friendly ones. Back in April, I listed some of the Activities & Events In Lagos You Might Want To Attend all through the month. It seemed very helpful, and I’m thinking of keeping it up because of reasons like this; to keep you updated on important events or workshops happening around, in Lagos precisely.

  • The internet is loaded with information, and is always ready for you. Actually, this is my all time favorite resource for acquiring or upgrading certain skills, and information.
    YouTube also is a very good source for you to learn things.

I really hope you found this post and steps helpful to becoming a better version of yourself. And I hope we all grow and make substantial progress in this journey of life.

If you have any other tips that can help us in becoming a better version of ourselves please do not hesitate to share in the comment section, I’d love to learn from you.

With Love, Lydia.


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