Battling Skin Dryness? 7 Tips To Help Relieve Dry Skin

The human skin can be generally classified into Dry skin, Oily skin, Combination Normal, and Sensitive.

Skin dryness can be as a result of one’s genetics, cold or dry climate like harmattan, age, health I also learnt that it can also be caused by certain medications.
I used to be in the category of people who naturally have dry skin, trust me it was really annoying then. I could leave home with my skin moisturised and not even reach halfway into the day, before my skin starts looking really dull and dry like I didn’t even moisturise at all.
I got really frustrated and looked into it, took some steps and now my skin is better for the good.

I’m sharing these tips because they were (and still are) useful to me and might also be helpful to someone out there battling with skin dryness.
I believe if you follow these tips, they’ll help you as they’ve helped me.
1 • Choose warm water over hot water.

Due to the cold weather sometimes, most people will likely want to choose hot water to bath. But not so many people know that hot water strips the skin off its natural oil, I didn’t know this too until about 2 years ago. So warm water is your skin’s best bet,  and not hot water as popularly perceived.

2 • Pat the water off your body but not completely dry.

The average Nigerian will rub his/her body completely dry with a towel after getting out of the shower, it is always better to pat your body with the towel (See more at tip No.4).

3 • Hydrating skincare products are your best bet.

Whenever you want to buy skin care products, you might want to check out the ingredients and go for products with hydrating/moisturizing ingredients. You should note that it is one thing to hydrate/moisturize your skin, and it is another lock that moisture down into your skin for a long time. Some skincare products offer both properties, you should look out for them.

2018-01-16 11-83322611..jpeg

4 • Moisturise your skin while it’s still damp.
I got to find out about this little trick about 2 years ago. Moisturizing immediately after having your bath helps to not only lock in the moisture but also keep your skin hydrated for a longer time, especially when you pat your body instead of rubbing it as stated in tip No. 2.

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5 • Make body oils your skin best friend.

You are dealing with dry skin body oils should should absolutely be your friends. You can either choose to use a drugstore/ready-made body oil or you want to use natural oils.

For the drugstore body oils, I would recommend Bio oil, I have personally used this oil and it worked wonders especially with fading off scars *(just make sure you don’t get the fake which is almost everywhere now so it’s almost impossible  to get the original). Also neutrogena body oil which I’ve not used before but I’ve heard good things about it.

For natural oils, there are so many options ranging from the carrier oils which includes olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc to essential oils like teatree oil, castor oil. Just make sure you get good quality oils from a trusted vendor.


I recently tried this carrot oil from Twinkle Collections and it’s fast becoming a favorite,  I’ll do a well detailed review on it later.


6 • Run away from alcohol. 
People who have dry skin should run as far as possible fro skincare products that contain alcohol. Why? Because it can strip your skin off its natural oils and further damage the skin.


2018-01-17 12-329772768..jpeg

7 • Avoid using harsh soaps and cleansers.

In relation to what I said above about alcohol, harsh soaps and cleansers can be quite harmful to the skin because of their ph, opt for mild soaps and gentle moisturizing cleansers instead.




Plus; Drink a lot of water.
This may seem like a cliché, but it is really important to drink a lot of water as it would help to hydrate the whole body system as well as the skin.
That’s all for now, I really hope you find these tips helpful.
Let me know your thoughts on this post in  the comment section; If you are battling with dry skin, how have you been coping or dealing with it?

Let me know if you have ever tried any of this tips, and how your experience was like.

With love,  Lydia.


9 thoughts on “Battling Skin Dryness? 7 Tips To Help Relieve Dry Skin

  1. TITI

    The tips are very useful, I used to use hot water a lot, just realized it is bad for my dry skin.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love your blog by the way.


  2. This is quite helpful. I didn’t know hot water is not good for the skin. I have a penchant for showering in scalding hot water. I also did not know about not toweling entirely dry.

    I just recently started to use carrot oil as well. I started with my face and it did an amazing job with my spots. I’m not using it in on my body generally and I’m waiting to see how well it works.

    Liked by 1 person

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