Four Different Ways You Can Tame Your Brows & How To Pick The Best Suitable Method For Yourself


One of the blessings about being a lady is that you get to slay everything, and that includes your brows. I believe that when it comes to eyebrows, whether you are the type of person that always goes natural or the type whose brows are always drawn and on fleek, your brows should you always be kept tidy.

Also either you are trying to keep your brows thick like me (I wish), or you are trying to keep it thin, the unruly brows that grow out of shape should be tamed.

There are several methods to which you can tame unruly brows and that includes shaving with razor, plucking with tweezers, hair removal cream,  waxing alongside others.  I will be discussing about the four methods I mentioned here based on my experience.


1 – Razor

This is the most common way people tame their brows, this is achieved by using razor blade or eyebrow razor to shave off the unruly hair.
You can either do it yourself, the regular razor blades costs 20 naira, and eyebrow razor costs about 150-200.


Pay those who specialize at it to shave it for you, it costs about 100-200 naira.

– It’s the easiest and cheapest method.

– You can mistakenly shave off part of your brows where you aren’t supposed to shave.
– The hair grows back after a short while, which you means you have to shave again within a short period.

Quick Tip: For health and safety reasons, use a new blade and do not share your blade with anyone.


2 – Tweezers

A tweezer is a*
This method of taming your brows involves plucking the unruly hair out one after the other with the tweezer. You can also choose to do it yourself  or hire the service of a professional.

– It lasts long, since the hair is being plucked out it is going to take a while before it grows back compared to razor shaving.
– It is pretty cheap too, a tweezer costs about 200-300.
– Since the hair is being removed one by one, this you have more control over the amount of hair to be removed and this means there will be less mistakes.

– You would experience sharp pain during the removal of each hair.

Quick Tip: Dip a face towel into warm water and use to steam your brows before you start, this will help your pores up, get the hair and make it less painful. 


3 – Hair removal cream.

The hair removal cream method is not so popular right now. This method involves the application of hair removal cream on unruly hair either with the concealer brush or Q-tip (popularly know as cotton bud), you might want to be very careful so as not to apply it on part of brows that you are trying to keep.
This is my saving grace and it is what I’m currently using, alongside with the tweezer.

– It is very easy to use, especially if you are good with makeup.
– It is affordable too, because you only need a pea size of hair removal cream to do the job
– It lasts long, and this means you don’t have to tame your brows frequently.
I did mine over a month ago and I have not really had a reason to tame it again until today, which I basically did just to come up with these picture demos for you to understand better.

– You could loose part of hair you are keeping if you mistakenly apply it on it.

  • I’m not sure the idea of using hair removal cream on the brow (which is partly the face) can be recommended for people with extremely sensitive skin.

Quick Tip: You can draw/fill in your brows like you would normally, then use the hair removal cream on the unruly hair almost in the same way you would apply a concealer, but you might want to be careful to avoid the mistake of applying it on the drawn brow. I used to do this when I was new to this. 

If however you make a mistake quickly wipe it off before the hair removal cream settles and starts working.

Source : Instagram – @thelydiamark

4 – Waxing

This method is not too common, and I guess that’s because of the cost. This is done by applying hot wax on the unruly hair and then a particular type of paper is placed on it and pulled off, the unruly hair comes off with the wax and paper.

There options of simple wax strips and gels which can be used at home, but I don’t know about their availability in Nigeria.
You will most likely need to hire the service of a professional for this. I did mine at LaChae Cosmetics (@lachaecosmetics) which is located at the Lagos City Mall, Onikan, you can as well go their for yours.

– It is less risky, since it is done by professionals.
And from my experience, they didn’t let the wax go too close to the parts I wanted to keep, after the wax they tweezed a little to achieve a clean finish.

  • Just like the hair removal cream, the wax also lasts long which means you won’t be needing to go for another wax in a while.

– You experience a sharp pain when they are about to pull off the paper.

  • It is more costly than the others on the list, as it costs about 3,000 naira and above to wax your brows.

How I Tame My Brows

picsart_01-25-091157715493.jpgALSO READ: Review | Skincare Products I’ve Been Using Lately
I would rather wax but that will be when I have the money to splurge but until then, I make use of hair removal cream. After that, I use the tweezer to get rid of any extra hair, especially those very close to part I’m trying to keep . And I barely use razor blades these days, only on rare occasions.


In Conclusion

Speculate on the pros and cons of each method and choose whatever is best for you.

If you have the money to splurge you can choose to go for waxing.

If you have very sensitive skin you might want to stay off hair removal cream.

If you want something painless, affordable and long lasting, maybe hair removal cream is for you then.

If you want something paranoid about using hair removal cream, but you want something cheap and long lasting, then maybe you should get tweezing.

If you want something painless and cheap, but you are too paranoid to use hair removal creams, razor blade might be your best bet.

At the end of the day, you should go along with whatever works best for you. And if leaving your brows untamed is what works best for you, you should do you.

Lastly, it is is important to note that both of your brows can never never look the same, only similar.  Don’t frustrate yourself trying to make them look equal.

What method do you use or have you found to be your best bet? Let me know in the comment section.

Also, if you have tried any of the methods listed (or any other), share your experiences in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you.

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If you entered this giveaway but didn’t win, not to worry there’s more coming your way.

With Love, Lydia.


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