Review | Skincare Products I’ve Been Using Lately

Who doesn’t love an even-toned, clear and glowing skin? I’m dedicated to achieving that this year, are you?

Some days back, I shared a five(5) step skincare routine and I got requests to review the products I used, although I intended to do the review before that anyway. So I’ll be reviewing three products today and they includes a face wash, scrub and body lotion.

1. Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash

2018-01-17 12-329772768..jpeg

Product Claims & Promise

This Foaming Face Wash with Tea Tree Peppermint Oils, has been specially formulated to help cleanse and refresh your skin leaving it feeling clean, smooth and fresh.

Packaging & Observation
It comes in a 200ml transparent bottle with pump, and contains green foamy liquid content.

2018-01-18 06-634743149..jpeg

– It does cleanse the skin as promised.
– It is mild and gentle
– It doesn’t leave your skin dry.
– Easy application; the pump makes it easy to dispense.
– It isn’t strongly scented like most of the alcohol based cleansers.

– No seal; the manufacturers need to look into this.

I like the fact that this cleanser doesn’t leave my skin dry and still cleanses the skin, it delivers as promised so it’s a yes for me. I got this cleanser at healthrite store in surulere.
Ps: I’m also looking forward to trying different types of cleansers.


2. La Fresh Calamansi Body Scrub

2018-01-16 11-1120425971..jpeg

Product Claims &Promise
– Calamansi gently exfoliates your skin to break up the trapped dirt, and dead skin cells which can lead to big blackheads.
– The beneficial oils detoxify your skin cells.
– Natural skin whitening oils a lighter, softer and healthier looking skin

Packaging & Observation
It comes in a 500ml transparent seal plastic jar. The content is mint green in color and smells fruity(citrus in particular), I guess that’s can be attributed to the calamansi fruit.

– It does its work really well, i.e it exfoliates the skin as promised.
– It is affordable; it costs about 1000-1500 naira.
– It is sealed unlike my previous body scrub.

– It claims to contain oils but I can’t find any oil listed among the ingredients.

In Conclusion
It delivers as promised so it’s a yes for me. I can’t say much about the whitening effect, my skin is got quite brighter but I can’t say if it’s the scrub as I’m using other brightening skincare products alongside. I got this body scrub from a random store at Lagos Island.


3. Leocrema Body Lotion With Argan Oil

2018-01-16 11-83322611..jpeg

Product Claims & Promise
This effective fully fledged beauty treatment grants the skin exceptional hydration and unexpected silky softness. It’s fragrance will envelope you in a seductive and inebriation caress.

Packaging & Observation
It comes in a 400ml black bottle and gold lid.

– It is moisturizing; that can attributed to the argan oil contained in it.
– It leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth.
– It gives the skin a radiant glow.
– It is very affordable, it costs 1,500 naira(less than $5)
– It smells divine.

– You are likely going to sweat during extremely hot days or very got temperature (this happens with most creams/body lotion though).
– No seal;This is one area the manufacturer of this body lotion needs to improve, I don’t like it when skincare products have no seal.
– Availability; I am yet to find it in other stores.

I love this lotion, to be honest it’s one of the best body lotions I’ve tried. I bought this body lotion in the same store where I got the scrub at Lagos Island.

The review on the carrot oil (which is now becoming a favorite) is currently on hold right now,  I’ve not used the oil long enough, plus I’m going to be reviewing it alongside some other products from same brand, so look out for it.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed the review.  If you follow my instagram story you must have seen my 5-step skincare routine including how I use this products,but if you missed it worry not, just peep my instagram story highlights, you’ll find it there.

Please take a minute to share your thoughts the comment section, and tell me what skin care products you use currently. Also if you have used any of these products, do share your experience. I’d love to hear from you. 

With Love, Lydia.


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