5 Ways You Can Show Love To Others | The Christmas Edition


Merry Christmas to you!

It is the season of cheering, giving, laughter and most importantly love.
But all of these shouldn’t be limited to specific season, don’t you think so?
Showing love to people shouldn’t be limited to a particular day or period, especially when it comes to people you value. You should show love to them regularly, in fact it should be incorporated into your daily activities. There are several ways you achieve that, I have put together 5 very easy ways you can show love to others.


1 • Give genuine compliments
Please note that compliment is not same as flattery, compliment is more of a genuine heart-to-heart deal than flattery.
You can give people compliments based on their appearance, behavior, outfit or somethkng they’ve been workimg on.  Whatever it is, just make sure it is genuine and coming from straight from your heart.



2 • Listen to what they are saying.
A lot of us are so addicted to our phones that we can even hold a serious heart to heart conversation, at the of the day we end up not listening to what the other person is saying. Do you know what it feels like to be listened to when you are talking? It feels great right, you should give them the gift of that feeling too.



3 • Create time to support them.
One of the best ways to show love to people is to support them, either emotionally, physically, spiritually or financially. Whatever it is that that makes them happy whether it is their passion, career or business whatever it is, create time to support them in whatever way you can.



4 • See their value and help them grow.
When someone is dear to you, you will truly desire their progress. It is important to see them for who they really are and do everything within your power to help them grow and become better.


5 • Give gifts
I wasn’t really into the act of giving gifts until recently, I used to blame it on not having enough money to buy I’d love to. But you know it doesn’t really matter the size of the gift, no gift is too small. What matters most is that you are putting a smile on someone’s face. Also your gift doesn’t have to be material, it could be rendering a professional service which you would normally collect a fee for, for free.


What I Wore

Sunglasses – Dior

Red beret – Roadside vendor

Black jacket (worn to back) – Ann Harvey

White shirt – Roadside vendor

Belt – Gift

Ripped jean (DIY) – Thrifted

Shoes – Oldie [same here, and here]


See also: Wardrobe Hack | How To Wear 1 Shoe in 3 Different Ways.


I believe we should make the best of our lives and try as much as possible show love everyday. You really should!


Facebeat: @be_gorg

Photography: @dreysoft_visuals

Styling: Yours truly #StyledByLydia

That’s a wrap for today, Merry Christmas once again and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

Enjoy the holidays!

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