Trends | 6 Accessories That Will Up Your Style Game

An outfit without accessories, is like a paragraph without punctuation marks.

Isn’t it just amazing how time flies?

Last year, I put up a post on fashion trends to look out for in 2017, I got a whole lot of positive feedback to an extent that I am already getting requests for trends to look out for in 2018 right now.
I have considered this requests and decided to write on it, although unlike last year which was quite long and kind of bulky, I would break down 2018 trends and spread it through out several brief posts in order to make it fun, exciting and concise.

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So gradually I would be highlighting some fashion trends for 2018, however as the title of this post already suggests I would be focusing more on accessories today.

Accessories essentially completes and compliments your whole outfit, think of accessories as the punctuation in your statement. A statement without a punctuation is incomplete and can easily be misunderstood, same applies to your outfit without accessories.

Now let’s take a look at these fashion accessory trends to look out for and some of them are trending;

1 • Cute Little Mini Bags

These are very small beautiful mini bags with space that is equivalent to that of a small purse. It carries almost nothing, it is more likely to contain just your phone, money and maybe a few other tiny things. I find these cute tiny bags are just so adorable.

Source – Instagram (@veronicaodeka)

Source – Instagram (@chrissiemilan, @t2pitchy, @veronicaodeka, @indimaokojie)


2 ​• Not-so-regular sunglasses

Source – Instagram (@shopthoniabankz)

You are probably used to the aviator shaped sunglasses, or the regular circle and rectangular frame sunglasses. Lately we’ve been seeing more of sunglasses that aren’t really your regular type; the tiny lenses, half-framed glasses, oversized frames and others.


3 • Straw Bags/Woven Basket Bags

Source – Instagram

I think it’s safe to say that woven bags/basket originated from and resonates with the African culture.
First, it started with the normal basic woven bags/basket. But with the innovations of creative designers, woven bags are gradually evolving, becoming fashionable and becoming a trend.

Source – Instagram (@ironyofashi, @mypetitedilemma, @lagosstreetstyle, @ada_oguntodu)


4 • Earrings That Make A Statement

Source – Instagram (@thesvnflwr)

We are talking bold, we are talking beautiful, we are talking bright, we are talking →statement. We are talking about lovely earrings that make quite a statement when you walk into the room or anywhere at all.

Source – Instagram (@indimaokojie, @harperandharley, @thedailyseyi)

5 • Berets


Source – Instagram (@prettyfaze, @tostos_, @itsmaryamsalam, @t2pitchy)

Berets are very stylish and are also synonymous but not limited with the Parisian fashion.
In this part of the world, berets are mostly worn to church on Sundays and not really worn as a regular everyday fashion piece. However, things are changing right now as berets are trending in the fashion world and are been worn fashionably in various places; including Nigeria.

6 • Fanny Packs & Waist Bags

Fanny packs and waist bags are a major comeback to the fashion industry, they have been in existence a long time ago but went out of fashion, then came back all trendy.

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Tip – If you don’t own a waist bag but want to get that trendy look, in this post here I shared a tip on how to achieve that using a regular bag, you should totally check it out.

Source – Instagram (@hafymo, @wumituase, @fisayolonge, @hafymo)

These are some of the accessories trending this moment and that will be all for now. What do you think of these trends? I love these them and can absolutely rock them, but of all trends stated here the beret and waist bag are my favorite, tell me yours in the comment section.

And if you think there’s anyone I am missing or leaving out, do let me know in the comment section.

With love, Lydia.


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