Closing My Eyes To Old Ends, Opening My Heart To New Beginnings

Dear LC reader,

How are you doing?

It’s been a very long while on here. Did you miss me, I missed you too and I also missed blogging.

You must have noticed I’ve been MIA(missing in action) on here as well as social media, I sincerely apologize although it’s all due to the fact that I’ve been attending to my final year project and  things or processes related. I must confess It’s been really eating up my time, however this will all come to an end soon as I’m rounding up already and I can finally create time for the blog.

Before I continue, I’d like to take a minute to appreciate my readers, and everyone who has ever taken their time to check the blog for updates ever since I’ve been off. Once again,  I’m sorry I went off like that.

I’m super excited right now but it’s not just about becoming a graduate but more importantly about the new phase of life I’m about to enter, I think it’s something about the blessings of new beginnings.


Apparently not only am I entering a new phase in my life, the blog is also going to be experiencing a new phase from now on. I’m going to be introducing a new blog post schedule with probably different type of content.

I’m going to start out with this new schedule and get a feedback from you by the end of the month, whether or not to keep up with it. Just ensure you check the blog daily for new updates, as I’d be posting everyday from now on.
In the meantime, I’m hoping to secure a job or internship to occupy myself with before I go for NYSC service. So if you have or know of any job that has to do with;
– Fashion styling or any fashion related job

  • Content creation

– Digital marketing.

Kindly do the favour of notifying me or hooking me up, I would really appreciate it.

Also, I’ve always had this dream of becoming an on air personality, a radio host precisely because I’d like to use that as a medium to reach out to more people especially youths, connect to them and impact their lives in the little way I can. I wanted to abandon this dream at one time for certain reasons, but right now I feel like it’s coming back at me big time, so I just might consider it.
Lastly, although I’m happy about this new progress in my life, it’s got me quite nervous as well.

Entering this new phase is like starting on a new chapter of a book; a fresh page. I feel like I’ve been handed the opportunity to start all over, and I hope to make the best use of this opportunity.

In the same measure which I love impacting and teaching the little I know, I also love learning from y’all so please if you’ve passed through this phase as a graduate, working class or an entrepreneur, kindly share your 2 cents or anything you’ve learnt so far about the real world to this new graduate in the comment section, I’d appreciate it and would really like to learn from you.

Have a wonderful week!


With love, Lydia.


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