Product Review | Extract Facial Cleanser ‘Papaya & Calamansi’.

Hey guys, today I’ll be dropping a review of one of my favourite skincare product. It is a facial product that I’d swear by, you’ll see why by the time you are done reading read this.

Let’s get straight to the review . . . 



Extract Facial Cleanser; Papaya & Calamansi.

Product Claim & Description

Reveal your naturally fairer, smoother skin with the breakthrough CitruWhite formula that combines the natural extracts of Papaya and Calamansi which is known to be rich in vitamin C

Extract Papaya Calamansi Facial Cleanser effectively boosts skin radiance as it deeply cleanses your face, refines pores, and protect your skin from impurities.


Extract facial cleanser; product review; skincare; lydiaschronicle

It comes in a 7.61oz/225ml plastic bottle. It doesn’t have any packaging or seal (most drugstore cleansers are always like this without packaging and seals).
It has an alcoholic smell that’s a little bit strong.

How I use;

I moisten a ball of cotton wool with the cleanser than then rub it all over my face and neck in a gentle manner.
** Whatever you are doing or using you need to always gentle with the skin on your face, it is very sensitive and thinner than the skin on the other parts of your body.

I use mostly at night after my bath, just before I apply my body oil. And also after exfoliation, for personally prefer to cleanse after exfoliating instead of the other way round. It works for me!


1 – Keeps acne at bay. It is very effective for getting rid of acne (pimples), although I rarely get to have acne/pimples but the few times that I do, this facial cleanser works well in helping me get rid of it.
And I guess that’s because it contains salicylic acid which works against pimples.

2 – It helps clears spots and dark lines.
Just like acne I rarely get to have facial spots but when I do, I use this cleanser and,  I used to have these dark lines on my neck and it helped me clear it off too.

3 – It actually reveals brighter and glowing skin. It does a good job of deeply cleansing the skin, plus it helps with getting rid of spots and all, so by doing that makes my skin look brighter and glowing (especially when I use it after exfoliation).

4 – It is mild and doesn’t dry out the skin, unlike some very harsh facial cleansers I’ve seen.

5 – It is very affordable and a little does a lot, this means that a bottle of this cleanser will last you long. It’s about 550-600 naira right now depending on where you buy it.


1 – One thing I don’t like about this product as well as some other products is the fact that it has no seal whatsoever. Although, I’ve not heard anything about it’s fakes, but what if fakes emerge in the market, how are we supposed to identify the original without a seal?

2 – And sometimes it can be not so easy to find in stores.
I don’t understand if it’s scarce or something. I know a very few stores where I can get this cleanser on the regular, but asides from these few stores, getting it in other places can be has been almost impossible.



I got to know about this product/brand through my mom and I’ve been stuck to it for about 3-4 years now (I’m not kidding).
I’ve tried one or two other brands but I think Extract just works well for my skin especially the Papaya & Calamansi.
Asides the Papaya & Calamansi, it also has some other varieties like Cucumber which is very mild and would work well for someone with a very sensitive skin and some others.

Will I buy it again?

Well I’ve been using it for like 3-4 years, so you should already know my reply.

But hey, I’m looking forward to trying out something new, not because my extract facial cleanser has given me a reason to dump it but because I have the urge to try out something new, so I wouldn’t mind if you could recommend any to me.


Have you ever used this facial cleanser or any other from this brand?
If yes, what was your experience like?
If not, what do you use?

Please leave me your replies in the comment section.


With Love, Lydia.


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9 thoughts on “Product Review | Extract Facial Cleanser ‘Papaya & Calamansi’.

  1. T.Wey

    I been stalking on your instastory and your I love your skin. I’ve been battling with bad skin (acne) for a while, so I’ll probably look out for it and give it a try.


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