Life Lately | At The Moment . . .

Hey guys, how are you doing today?

I’m doing just fine except that I for one reason or the other I feel a little pressured right now, and I’m hoping the feeling would go soon.
This life update was supposed to be an April edition but I guess May came by real fast.

So let’s get down to what I’ve been upto lately.

At the moment I am . . .


Wearing; almost nothing new. I’m thinking of building a capsule wardrobe, because I’ve been wearing same set of clothes from my wardrobe lately especially my pair of mums jean and neglecting other pieces.

Admiring; deeply artistic and creative people who have learnt to embrace their uniqueness.

Excited about; my hair growth, it’s real man.


Learning; how to take good care of my hair. After months of been a very lazy naturalist, I have finally decided to give my hair the good loving that it deserves. My hair is naturally very thick and quite difficult to manage especially after wash(shrinkage problem), for that reason, I rarely carry my natural hair, I’m always jumping from one hairdo to another, ignoring the fact that I’m actually supposed to really take my time to work on the hair. And my ignorance leaves me with a very dry, dull-looking, hard hair. Although despite all that, my hair has been doing good with growth, but wouldn’t it be better to grow a healthy hair? So I’m learning and putting to practice, how to healthily manage my natural hair, so far, I’m seeing a difference.

Determined to; go to social events and meeting new people. If there was an award for anyone who barely leaves their house, I should be coping it. You can’t blame me though, there are several factors contributing to that, even when I finally decide to out, for one reason or the other it just doesn’t work out. Right now, I’m determined to look beyond those factors and work things out.


Inspired by; Bossbabes and women in business and this inspiration is actually sparking up an idea,  but I’m a little uncertain about it.

Needing; money, money, money.

Wishing; I didn’t take certain things for granted when I had time. Now, I can’t take back the hands of time.

Loving; faux locs. No I’m not talking about the normal faux locs that is done with yarn or brazillian wool, this one looks like the real thing.


Regretting; the fact that I was unable to achieve some of the things I wanted to while in Lagos.

Reading; blogspots from other blogs. I used to be so guilty of not creating time to visit other blogs. So I’ve decided to create time daily to read other people’s blog posts and probably learn one or two things from them, no knowledge is a waste.


Craving; this pair of goodness from the new  shopmaju shoe collection (it’s not food I know). I’m also craving beans, not just any type I mean “ewa agoyin”, it’s been years since I had it.

Listening to; Nobody (Juice) by YCEE(this song is winning my heart right now) and come closer by Wizkid and Drake.


Feeling; indifferent about a lot of things and it’s really weird.

Irritated by; women who shame other women. Do you really need to make the other woman feel/look bad, for you to feel good? No one is perfect, not a single person is, WE ALL HAVE FLAWS, and not a single person is left out, but how we handle our flaws is what makes us different.
So if you are a type of person that does that, please stop it already.

Hoping; you all would recommend me to your friends and acquaintances for fashion styling and wardrobe consultation. I talked about fully going into styling as a career in my post here. The good thing is that I work with individual needs and budget, plus my services are very affordable.


Appreciating; God’s mercy over my life, even when I don’t deserve it, his grace covers me still.


Anticipating; the fashion and creativity week happening in my school very soon, I might put up more details on it later.

And it’s a wrap on my life lately.

What are thoughts on the things I’ve been upto lately? nd Do we have anything in common?

Ps: I was nominated for an award as a stylist, I’m hoping you would support me when it’s time to vote.

With Love, Lydia.

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10 thoughts on “Life Lately | At The Moment . . .

  1. I think we have some things in common, I’m also guilty of wearing same set of clothes over again and forgetting about others. And I’m a lazy naturalist, but I get away with it most times because I have soft hair.
    I love your blog by the way.


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