One Year Blogversary | My Thoughts, My Experience


Hello my dear readers, it’s been one year down the line. And to this end, I would like to thank every single person reading this, everyone who has been real with me by checking up on the blog, reading my posts, sharing their thoughts; leaving comments and subscribing to the blog. I love you guys so very much, words cannot describe how much I appreciate you, thank you so much for your support all along.

Today, I’ll just be sharing a few of my random thoughts about my blogging experience. . .

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Blogging so far, has been fun but not a totally smooth journey for me and I’ve had times I wanted to give up, especially the times I was inconsistent because my of my faulty phone, and then it became so bad that I couldn’t post for months. While I’m still trying to rise from that fall, I want to use this opportunity to thank you guys for sticking with me through the ups and downs.

Initially when I started blogging, I wanted my blog to cover for both women and men (I even did a style post for the men here and I got very good feedback) but truth is, you can’t be everything at once. In the process of blogging I’ve come to realise that I have a flair for young women like me, and I really want to use my blog as a medium to reach out to them. However,  this doesn’t stop you men from regularly visiting the blog, as there are some relevant sections for you like the lifestyle, personal growth, reviews and others that might catch your eye.


Another thing I want to quickly clear up is the idea of people comparing my blog to that of Linda Ikeji’s. I don’t blame them though, she was one of those made blogging popular in Nigeria and I respect her. But one thing people must understand is that there are different niches in blogging; a niche is like an area of specialization. There’s is the fashion niche, beauty niche, lifestyle niche, food niche, travel niche, tech niche, news and entertainment niche and so many other niches.
On my blog you’ll mainly find things relating to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and a little bit of travel. While Linda Ikeji’s blog focuses more on gossip, news and entertainment. So I guess we’re clear on that.


About collaborations, for a weird reason I didn’t engage in any form of collaboration until the blog clocked one. Right now, I’m open to collaborations so feel free to send me an email: You could reach out to me on social media: IG/Twitter – @thelydiamark

Also, some ideas came up in my head during the past blogging year, some of which I started and did just fine, some which I was inconsistent with and some of which was totally neglected.
However right now, I’m trying to do away with certain things, keep other things and probably introduce a few things, but the thing is I want to hear your thoughts first.
So guys please do me a little favour; Tell me what you love about LC (Lydia’s Chronicle) and what you don’t really like, and what you think I should work on. I would really love to hear from you. 


Ciao.  . . . .


15 thoughts on “One Year Blogversary | My Thoughts, My Experience

  1. Congrats on d blogversary, U’re doin really great so pls kip going, u v no idea how much u inspire me. Style posts pls, maybe beauty hacks, d simple ones o lol, lifestyle nd maybe once in a while personal stories, yes i lyk aproko lol

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  2. Negresse

    Yay!!!Happy blogversary dear, am so proud of you.. you’ve done well dear. And I do support Elegant,be more daring. There’s a lot of potentials you hiding dear.. don’t be stingy and let it out girl!!!…. Much love

    Liked by 1 person

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